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Heal Your Gut. Heal Your Life.

Updated: Mar 17

It has been said that 80% of the immune system can be found in the intestines. If this is true, then good health will never be attained until your digestive system is working at its best.


So if you are dealing with chronic health problems and also have chronic intestinal issues (constipation, loose stools, bleeding, bloating, or any combination of these), then you might want to actively focus on fixing your gut, in order to fix your health.

As a holistic integrative healer, I see many patients with chronic health challenges (allergies, skin conditions, brain fog, fibromyalgia, etc.) autoimmune diseases (Lupus, MS, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, IBS, etc.) and cancers.

Many clients have finally made the connection that dental health plays a significant role in overall body health. Removing toxic dental restorations and toxic teeth can be helpful in healing, but may not be enough to turn your health situation around. It is still necessary remove all the lingering poisons that have accumulated in your body from these toxic teeth.

By repairing the intestines, your body can now actually effectively remove the poisons that have accumulated through all the years of holding these dental toxins. There are other ways to detox these poisons, but the intestines are primary, more so because intestines possess an intricate lymphatic system (GALT-Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue) which helps remove toxins through the lymph system as well as through daily bowel movements.

Without getting into too much science, here are the basics in improving and healing the gut.

• Limit grains, seeds, and nuts

• Limit dairy intake

• Daily doses of probiotics (good bacteria)

• Daily doses of prebiotics ((feeds the good bacteria)

• Daily doses of L-glutamine (rebuilds the intestinal wall)

• Daily doses of caprylic acid or coconut oil (kills off yeast and fungus overgrowth)

• Eat at least 1 type of fermented food daily (cultured vegetables, kefir or kombucha)

I have seen this regimen work miracles for many patients, as it did for myself. When I had gotten past chronic Lyme disease, I was suffering from leaky gut and many food allergies which I had never had before. By following this diet, I saw a significant change for the better within 6 weeks of starting it. Within a short time period of time, I no longer had any food allergies and can now eat just about anything, including gluten and dairy.

By improving your intestinal flora, gut inflammation and intestinal hyper-permeability will lessen. Your entire immune system will quiet down and function more properly. Work with your health practitioner to personalize this basic rejuvenating remedy.

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