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Air Abrasion 

Simple & Painless


Dr. Brand is smart, nice, funny and the best dentist I've ever been to. Not only does she do an excellent job, but she really takes the time to get to know you and provides a great service.

She never rushes and she answered all my questions and addressed my concerns with respect and kindness.

I appreciated the fact that she was more interested in getting the work done correctly than getting it done quickly. Dr. Brand is honest and reliable and I highly recommend her. 

Gittie E. -Yelp

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Air Abrasion

The buzz words in dentistry now are ‘minimally invasive". Air Abrasion and Lasers definitely fill this bill. Air Abrasion excels at doing delicate work. It is excellent for small cavities and for the removal of small composite white fillings. Unfortunately, it can not be used to remove mercury amalgam fillings. Conventional drills are the only way to do that.


With the near absence of noise and the total absence of vibration, patients love Air Abrasion. Properly used, Air Abrasion often does not require a ‘shot’. You can imagine how ecstatic you will be when you find you can have treatment without an injection, and feel no pain. Also, there is never any burning smell as the teeth cannot get hot.

air abrasion

 If someone is clearly at risk from decay, and the bacteria are winning, how nice to have the option of ‘micro dentistry’ using Air Abrasion!


The Air Abrasion device may be used to gently remove the areas of very early decay before the hole can even be seen. Children benefit especially, as they feel so little, and the extra cleaning means that their fissure sealants are placed quickly, and with a better bond. Much smaller holes can be filled earlier in this way, rather than waiting until the hole is much bigger, or worse, cutting lots of healthy tooth to get to a small hole.

Air Abrasion Machine
air abrasion

Everyone is always impressed with this technology and those who hate needles or drills are truly appreciative. It’s not a panacea for everything (such as deep fillings), but it’s a great technology option that suits patients of all ages.

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