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I am still receiving compliments about how white my teeth are :)

Dr. Brand, and her staff are amazing.

Jason T. -Yelp

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Have you always wanted a whiter-than-white smile? 

Tooth whitening is an easy pain-free way to give yourself a lift.

We offer the most advanced formulas of DayWhite and NiteWhite, both of which are a Take Home Tray Whitening system. It is a completely Green product with totally bio-degradeble packaging.

These systems are peroxide based, allowing oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, removing the darkened substances and leaving the structure of the tooth intact.

Not only will it whiten your teeth, but it will also remineralize your enamel, actually strengthening your teeth. The unique formulas reduce sensitivity, rebuild enamel, fill in surface defects and whiten, all in the comfort of your own home.

There are two short pleasant office visits involved. One to take impressions of your teeth to make the custom trays, and the next for a fitting. A dental examination and cleaning may be required before any whitening can commence.

Is whitening safe?

Yes. Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teethunder the supervision of a dentist is safe. It is not recommended for children under 13 years of age or pregnant women.

Are there any side effects?

Temporary sensitivity during the treatment may occur in a small percentage of patients. This sensation is transient and usually resolves within 24 to 48 hours.

tooth whitening

Teeth Whitening Recommendations and Disclaimer

Research has shown that, other than speed, Take Home Tooth Whitening systems work just as well if not better than the “chairside” one hour systems. The disadvantages to one hour chairside systems are increased sensitivity of teeth after the procedure, and the fact that you would have to repeat the procedure and cost when your teeth start to discolor again. With the Take Home system you may only have to purchase a refill of the bleaching solution, which is relatively inexpensive.

We will consider teeth whitening procedures only on patients with a sound, healthy dentition. A good dental cleaning prior to bleaching will improve results. The results of Tooth Whitening & Bleaching procedures are variable.

Everyone's teeth are unique and may react differently. Teeth Whitening works best on unrestored teeth (no fillings, bonding, or caps). Individuals with yellowish tones to their teeth respond more favorably to Teeth Whitening than those with grayish or other severe discolorations

Come to our holistic practice and feel the difference!

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