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Ozone Treatment to Save a Tooth!

Ozone is an activated, excited form of oxygen!

The highly unstable ozone molecule (O3) wants desperately to kick off one oxygen so it can return to the more stable O2 molecule.

That creates a powerful reaction, driving oxygen beneath the surface of a tooth through the tubules, obliterating anaerobic bacteria that cause decay.

It essentially starts a process that removes bacterial waste products, halts dental cavities, and begins a secondary process of repair via accelerated remineralization.

Ozone not only kills the acid-making bacteria, it also neutralizes their acidic waste. This creates a new environment that is hostile to the bad pathogens that love the acid niche.

A new environment allows healthier bacteria to replace the bad ones. If we just kill off the bacteria, they're back in weeks. But if we get rid of their acid niche, they are gone for two to three months. Ozone treatments at this interval just might keep teeth decay-free indefinitely!


I was in yesterday for my second ozone therapy treatment. My brain/head has been feeling better today, plus I have energy to actually "do" things.

It feels like perhaps the ozone treatments will help me return to life in an active form instead of a passive form, while feeling well.


Microbaric Ozone Therapy

An advanced technique using a custom full mouth tray to completely bathe the entire arch in ozone. This is an efficient rapid therapy to treat early cavities and gum disease.

Ideal for subgingival and rampant decay, as well as resistant periodontal disease.

Dental ozone

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Ozone Dentistry

Ozone dentistry


Ozone (O3) is a chemical compound consisting of three Oxygen atoms O3 (triatomic oxygen), a highly energetic form of normal (diatomic) atmosphere oxygen O2. Thus, the molecules of these two forms are different in structure. 

At room temperature, O3 is a colorless gas with a characteristic odor (e.g. after thunderstorms, at high altitudes or by waterfalls). Its name is from the Greek ozien meaning “to smell”, and it was discovered in 1840 by the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schonbein (1799-1868).

Due to its being an extremely powerful oxidizing agent and highly effective disinfectant, it is used throughout the world to destroy germs in water treatment installations supplying drinking water.


Dental oxygen/ozone is always a mixture of the purest oxygen and purest ozone. According to its application, the dental ozone concentration can vary between 1 and 100 ug/ml. We can determine the complete dosage according to the dental indication and the patient’s overall health.


Medical/dental ozone has highly pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal, and virostatic properties, and is widely used in disinfecting infected wounds, as well as bacterially and virally produced diseases. Its ability to stimulate the circulation is used in the treatment of circulatory disorders, and makes it valuable in the revitalizing organic functions. When administered at low concentrations, the patient's own resistance is mobilized; i.e. ozone (re)activates the immune system.

As a response to this activation through dental ozone, the body’s immune cells produce special messengers called cytokines. These inform other immune cells, setting off a cascade of positive change throughout the immune system, which is stimulated to resist diseases. This means that the application of medical/dental ozone is extremely useful for immune activation in patients with a low immune status and/or immune deficit.


Thanks to the selective properties, dental ozone is used in:

  • The treatment of chronically infected gums (periodontal disease).

  • Treatment of all carious lesions to arrest deep decay.

  • Sterilize all teeth before fillings or sealants are placed.

  • Effective treatment to reduce pain in temperature sensitive teeth.

  • Soothing treatment for dry mouth.

  • Preventing or reversing a potential root canal. (Read Avoiding Root Canal here.)

  • Treatment for chronically infected root canal teeth (previously treated tooth).

  • Sterilizing a tooth during the root canal treatment.

  • Infusion of medical oxygen/ozone into infected jaw bone (cavitation).

  • The treatment of diseases produced by viruses such as herpes.

  • The treatment of circulatory disorders, such as those found in the upper and lower jaw.

  • The treatment of infected, badly healing wounds and inflammatory processes, such as dry socket from previous extraction.

At your new patient Comprehensive Oral Exam, Dr. Brand thoroughly reviews your medical/dental history and your immediate dental related concerns. A personalized treatment plan will be made to create the most positive results. The integrative use of ozone, lasers and other advanced procedures will be detailed for your specific needs.


Dr. Brand is a wonderful holistic dentist and super knowledgeable about alternative approaches to health and wellness in general.


She is the first doctor to talk to me about pH balance and how it it has a long term impact on overall health.

She has provided me with simple changes that have improved my dental health.

Whitney C. -Yelp

  Please  contact us if you are wondering how Dental Ozone Therapy can help you!

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