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Avoiding Root Canal 

My previous dentist told me I had to have a root canal and there were no other options to save my tooth.

Dr.Brand took her time and found that I was able to get a new filling put in and it would not effect the nerve. Not only was she very knowledgeable but friendly and she put me at ease.

Samia P. - Yelp

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I am happy to report that four months later my wife's tooth seems to have fully recovered and she has avoided the root canal.

J.G. -Yelp

Root Canal

Root Canal is a controversial topic in the holistic community. Root canal teeth are a focal point for a residual biotoxic film that remains with the tooth and its associated  meridians.

With the use ofozone, laseracupuncture, diet modification and nutritional support, root canal may be avoided.

Please read these two blogs on root canals, for further information:


Not only did she see me at the last minute and re-build an entire tooth in one evening -when anyone else would have given me a root canal or an extraction - she worked with me energetically so that I didn't require any anesthesia or painkillers.

Ameena M. - Yelp

Even though I moved out of NYC I go back for my teeth. Dr. Brand is quirky, but brilliant!

She has the latest equipment and actually knows how to do true holistic dentistry.

Joanne R. - Yelp

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