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Nutritional Counseling


She helped with me with discovering my nutritional deficiencies and addressing them. She is honest and open and not pushy with her services or opinions but has been a great source of knowledge on health subjects.

Monte B. -Yelp

Really great. Truly personalized service. No second guessing, you are being looked after. The wellness tips and services are definitely a plus.

Ana Maria -Google Reviews

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Integrative Healing

Integrative healing is a gateway to your optimal health, a portal to the vast specturm of scientific advances and an open door to your own innate healing power.

Our focus is on you, the individual, and how the powerful impact of your knowledge, your choices, and your spirit can transform your health.

Discover your power for optimal health.

You hold the power to optimize and restore your health. The Brand Wellness Center can guide you with treatments, resources, time, and support--so you can address and plan for all of your dental health needs and goals.


Everyone is so nice and calming. I even go there for the other services like foot massage and detoxing. It's a great place to not just get your teeth fixed but learn a lot about getting healthy.

I learn so much every time I go.

P.S. I saw their metaphysical healer who was so amazing. You gotta check this place out.

Diane B. -Yelp

A great professional practitioner that cares about your teeth and overall wellness. Dr. Brand has a caring and complete holistic approach to dental care. I always enjoy every visit (oddly, since it is the dentist after all!( :) and leave feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Phillip A. - Google Reviews

I can't write enough good things about Dr. Brand and the excellent team at The Brand Wellness Center. At every appointment, I am treated with kindness and respect - as a whole person, not simply a mouth that needs to be fixed, or a potential source of revenue. Dr. Brand truly listens, which is a beautiful thing! Because of her outstanding care, my whole perspective and attitude towards dentistry has changed - for the better! I no longer fear the dentist, but am inspired, motivated and eager to actively participate in my oral health. I am extremely grateful for The Brand Wellness Center, and recommend it unreservedly!

Kelly M. - Google Reviews

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