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Dr. Brand is genuinely interested in the wholistic health and wellbeing of her patients beyond just dentistry.

Her dietary suggestions are great especially with regards to keeping a balanced pH in the body.

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Nutritional Guidance:

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Nutritional Counseling

Let food be thy medicine.


nutritional counseling

If you are interested in improving your health or learning how to gently detox through better nutrition and other simple techniques, then do make an appointment for a Nutritional Consultation.

Dr. Brand is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) and can work with you to create a personalized plan to detoxify your body and rebuild your health.

The number of sessions needed depends on your goals, your readiness to change and many other factors.

Initial session: 60 minutes Fee: $575

Lifestyle and nutrition assessment, baseline goal setting and development of a nutrition and/or detoxification care plan based on your needs.

Subsequent sessions: 45 minutes Fee: $225

Re-evaluation of your nutrition and/or detoxification care plan, review of goals and objectives, evaluation of follow up laboratory work (as needed), discussion about other resources that may help you meet your goals.

Please have your completed Intake form and any pertinent papers in our office at least 3 days before your scheduled appointment.

Keep in mind that good nutritional support is not a one size fits all approach. Understanding your needs, preferences, and goals is paramount to offering realistic and personalized solutions for your health concerns.

nutritional counseling

Let us empower you to improve your health from the inside out!

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