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Digital Computerized X-rays

Digital radiography is becoming a popular method for dental x-rays across the country. With digital x-rays, we insert a sensor, similar to the bitewings used in traditional x-rays, into your mouth to capture the digital images of your teeth. There are several benefits to using digital radiography over traditional x-rays.

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Less Radiation

  • The main benefit of using digital x-rays over traditional ones is less radiation. Although bitewing x-rays are extremely safe, the digital option is convenient for patients who have other x-rays on a regular basis or for those who are concerned and would like the lowest radiation option available.

  • As a courtesy, for your protection from any x-ray radiation, we will always offer a homeopathic remedy before recall x-rays, and an antioxidant Vitamin C tablet before all full mouth series of x-rays. This is in addition to the conventional lead vest for chest and thyroid protection.

  • For greater insights, you might like to read our blog: Radiation everywhere. Vacations included.

Higher-Quality Images

With a standard x-ray, your dentist develops the film, holds it up to the light and attempts to read it. With digital x-rays, we can take the image, bring it up on a computer monitor and manipulate it. For example, we can enlarge the x-ray for a better look or change the brightness and contrast, which allows us to identify cavities that may not have been seen on a traditional x-ray.


Transferring Dental Records

When you need to see a specialist or if you move to another town, and need to see a new dentist, transferring your dental records can be simplified. To transfer traditional x-rays, copies must be made and mailed to the new provider. With digital x-rays, the digital files can be sent by email, allowing your new provider to review the information immediately.


Shorter Dentist Appointments

No one likes to spend all day at any appointment. With traditional x-rays, you have to sit through the lengthy x-rays and then sit around waiting for the film to develop. With digital radiography, your x-rays are available almost instantly; you will be in and out of your appointment in much less time.



Since there are no chemicals involved in developing these radiographs, digital x-rays are a environmentally friendly green product.


Your health and comfort is our primary concern. Computerized digital x-rays are a safe and expedient choice.

You might enjoy our blog on Digital X-ray Radiation

or our other blog on radiation exposure: Radiation everywhere. Vacations included.

When the assistant gave me vitamin C and a homeopathic remedy to lessen the effects of the radiation from the digital X-rays, I knew I was in the right place.

The dental assistant took excellent X-rays which hasn’t always been the case at other dental offices I have been to.

Gabriella V. -Rate-a-Biz

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