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Boy, did I get lucky when I was referred to you! You are a very gifted dentist with a lot of other interesting and beneficial talents which you always share with me. I am so grateful to you for your artistry, good medicine, friendship, warmth, interest in my health - you do it all and I enjoy coming to see you. How many New Yorkers can say that about their dentists? I learn so much from you. Thank you so much! 


I had 2 appointments with Dr Brand and my experience has been wonderful. The staff is wonderful and get professional/business matters done asap. I was fed up with my previous dentist and decided to search for a holistic one.

I started my search on Google for the NYC area and came upon "the Brand Wellness Center".

I fell in love with the website and loved how it included information about stress and having an attitude of gratitude in the blog. I came to the Consultation with questions and soon realized that Dr. Brand wasn't just a dentist but a wonderful human being who I can learn from. 


The personal and friendly service I've received at Dr. Brand's office has made all the difference. I really like Dr. Brand's healthy, holistic approach to dentistry. I recommend her services to everyone I know! 


The very best dentist and support staff I have ever experienced in 48 years. Highly recommended. 


I had the best cleaning I've ever had in my life today by Dr. Brand. No silly, sweet, slimy fluoride gunk. Thank you for the all-natural common sense Dr. Brand!


I felt emotionally secure because I knew I was getting a holistic dental experience. 


Dr. Brand is one of the kindest, most professional doctors I have ever seen. She tries to make even the hardest work as painless as possible. 


Dr. Brand has helped me be more aware of what I put in my body and how it it helps or detracts from my overall well being.  



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The office is always immaculate and pleasant.....the appointments are always on time...... friendly helpful staff.

Follow up phone calls are always welcomed: "Just called to see how you are doing". Dr. Brand really cares! 

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Periodontal Disease:

I had periodontal disease when I first came and now I don't! Dr. Brand recommended homeopathic treatments and other natural oral care products and those helped me turn around my dental situation for the better. I enjoy fresh taste in my mouth; to me that's what health tastes like! Dr. Brand and everyone in the office always take time to explain things and address concerns; and everyone is so friendly. Thank you Dr. Brand and team! ---Anna

Dr. Brand has helped me to correct my periodontal gum disease that I ave been dealing with for years. All other dentists just recommended surgery as the only answer. Dr. Brand spent time explaining what the problem was, and various options for advanced home care. She made me realize the seriousness of the problem but also gave me hope that I could cure the problem without surgery. After a few months things are turned around and I am convinced I will be much more healthy than I have been for years. Also, she and her staff are friendly and great to be with. Its hard to say that I look forward to going to the dentist, but they make the best of the situation. --Ivan

Mercury Filling Replacement:

Dr. Brand removed mercury fillings from my mouth. I have never met a dentist, or physician who can compare in manner, professionalism and above all humility as Dr. Brand. Dr. Brand, Thanks for making me feel comfortable, I did not feel like I was visiting with my dentist but I was visiting with a good friend. Thanks again. --Alicia

I feel (for the first time) that a dentist has given me an accurate view of my dental health. I feel like I have "new' teeth (after amalgam replacement). This is the best experience that I have ever had with a dentist! ---Diane

My mouth feels so much lighter after mercury removal. ---John

In my search to find a NYC holistic dentist, I'm glad to have found Dr. Brand and her staff. Since I wanted to have all of my old mercury fillings removed, along with some routine dental work, I knew that I needed a dentist who would follow the proper protocols. Dr. Brand has surpassed my expectations and then some. She's knowledgeable, skillful, conscientious and quick to put you at ease. Her staff is equally courteous and friendly. ---Victoria

Cured of Dental Fears:

Other Reviews:

This office is top notch in their service and personal attention. A couple of years ago I was at a no name dental group that diagnosed me with needing a root canal. I wanted an alternative and my research led me to this office. Their re-exam using digital x-ray showed no signs of me needing root canal (double checked a year later, still not even close...!) They give great tips for keeping gums clean. Relaxing sound chamber tuning fork tune up... cleanings done sensitively, respectfully. Intelligent very friendly staff. Truly health motivated. My kind of people. ---Anthony (from YELP reviews)

Dr. Brand is amazing. Her ability to combine a holistic approach with her expertise in dentistry is one of a kind. The office staff is absolutely wonderful as well. I highly recommend using Dr, Brand as your holistic dentist - she knows all there is to know about holistic dentistry! ---Sarah

I really enjoy going to Dr. Brand. She spends time making sure you have all of your questions answered and that you understand the procedures. You never feel rushed and the office has a great energy to it. I am so happy I switched from my regular dentist to a holistic dentist. The complimentary energy tune up you get before you leave is great too. Everyone in the office is very sweet and a pleasure to deal with. ---Tara

Both my wife and I have been patients of Dr Brand for a number of years and have been impressed by the care and sincerity of her staff and her professionalism coupled with a clear understanding of health care beyond what you might find at many dental practices.

There is a concern for the whole patient- diet, stress, nutrition are all talked about, and you leave with inspiration to do things better.

Been to many dentists and drs in the past who just dispensed meds and yelled out for the next patient- I would say this is the opposite experience but coupled with the best and latest techniques of modern dentistry. -- Paul

If you want to know how your overall health impacts on your oral health, a holistic dentist is the best way to do that. Dr. Brand is a delight; she's funny and smart and informative. Her staff is friendly, warm and helpful. I can't imagine anyone not liking their experience at this office. I've been a patient for years and I intend to be a patient for life. ---Diane

I'm so grateful to Dr Brand, Lindie and Ana for making my phobic visit as calm and easy as possible! A wonderful environment and energy there. ---Debbie

I really appreciate the quality of work, professionalism and service as well as the friendliness of the office staff with respect of my time. --Peggy

I value my relationship with you and your team and can attest to the fact that my visits to your office, where I have come to rely on your honest holistic care and attention, are always a great experience. ---Claire

Thank you for always being so accommodating to me. I really appreciate all of your patience! I am so glad I found a great dentist like you!! You and your staff are always so kind and welcoming when I come and because of that, going to the dentist isn't a bad experience for me anymore. ---Jennifer

Dr. Brand and her team are professional, kind and courteous. Her office decor is soothing and comfortable. Her staff, I always found to be very concerned and patient. She is a firm believer in saving your teeth and having good oral hygiene. ---James

I am SO HAPPY to have found Dr. Brand and her team!!! ---Anne

My experience with Dr. Brand and her staff was efficient and prompt. I felt well taken care of throughout my visits. ---Kerry

Dr Brand and her staff are always respectful, on time and informative. ----Diane

You guys are wonderful! Thorough, on time, and sooo nice - Thank you! ---Dana

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