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Been to many dentists and doctors in the past who just dispensed meds and yelled out for the next patient- I would say this is the opposite experience but coupled with the best and latest techniques of modern dentistry. 

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Dental Technology

Laser Dentistry and Air Abrasion - no drill/no needle cavity preparation. Each of these are of the newest technological advances. They allow for conservative removal of decay without the discomfort associated with injections or the use of the dental drill. Patients who have experienced these new cavity preparations agree that it is much more pleasant than the traditional method of drilling.

Digital radiography (computerized x-rays) allow us to take dental radiographs with a 90% reduction in radiation. (See our many blog posts on dental radiation to learn more.) It is a much faster modality than conventional x-rays. We can see your radiograph in sharp vivid detail on the computer monitor within seconds. Our modern equipment, including our intra-oral camera and our laserfluorescence system for cavity detection, has increased our capability of diagnosing hidden occlusal decay even without x-rays. Also, we have a very successful Fresh Breath Treatment for halitosis and an amazing Home Tooth Whitening that will remineralize your teeth.

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At every checkup appointment, we review your medical history and do a blood pressure screening. Our thorough oral examination includes an oral cancer screening, periodontal screening, oxygen saturation reading and a saliva pH analysis. We are also pleased to be offering Vizilite, a new advanced stress-free oral cancer screening evaluation. Please be sure to ask our receptionist for further information when you make your appointment.

Since we are most concerned with your dental health and general wellness,we offer holistic solutions to conventional dentistry. This includes laser dentistry and ozone treatment to sterilize all teeth before they are restored. We also may prevent root canal therapy via laser therapy pulp capping. Lasers and ozone reduce bacteria levels during periodontal treatment and surgery, so it will expedite healing and diminish post op pain.

All of our dental equipment uses pure distilled ozone water during your treatments.

Also, we offer kinesiologic evaluations for restorative materials, tongue reading diagnosis, nutritional evaluation, herbal and nutritional detoxifying, testing for dental material bio-compatibility, magnetic therapies, homeopathic remedies, non-surgical periodontal treatment, bio-compatible non-mercury fillings and non-metal porcelain crowns as well as metaphysical energy healing modalities. Your concerns are our concerns and we strive to allay them.

General Dental Services

See our HOLISTIC DENTISTRY webpage for information about our holistic services.

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