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It's nice to enter a place claiming to offer holistic service, and actually feel a sense of extra wellness! Going to the dentist was not something I particularly looked forward to, until now. 

Jason T. - Yelp

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My secrets to rgaining health,  Idelle Brand
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Isolite Dryfield Illuminator

The Isolite Dryfield Illuminator is a revolutionary device that not only lights from within the mouth; it also offers retraction, protection, fluid and debris removal, and comfort for you, the patient.

By lighting the oral cavity from within the mouth, the area is completely visible without any distracting shadows. It has been shown to reduce procedure time by 20-50% and has improved ergonomics for dentists, assistants, and hygienists.


Patients are more comfortable with the flexible mouthpiece, which replaces other devices used for retraction, illumination, removal of saliva, fluid, and debris from the procedure. It also protects the throat from accidental inhalation or swallowing of material. The working area is kept isolated during procedures.

The mouthpieces are latex-free and silicone-free and are hypoallergenic.

Isolite mouthpieces are completely flexible so that placement and removal are comfortable and easy. They fit securely and allow you to relax the jaw. Each piece is only used once and then discarded, to decrease the possibility of infection. With many sizes to choose from, there is a mouthpiece that will be a comfortable and secure fit for every patient.

This one device replaces multiple pieces of equipment, reduces the number of hands in your mouth necessary during a procedure, eliminates the need for separate suction, reduces the need for repositioning you for better access or lighting, and replaces the need for other devices that simply add time and discomfort to a typical dental procedure.

The Isolite Dryfield Illuminator makes dental procedures more comfortable, shorter, and easier for the dentist and the patient.


 I have a long spanning fear of drills, and I didn't even realize both my fillings were done - couldn't feel a thing. Dr Brand is very knowledgeable in all health and wellness topics spanning far beyond teeth, and answered all the questions I had about nutrition, supplements, etc.

Very good experience. 

Lana C.

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