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Cooking with Fluoride?

Updated: Mar 15

I guess the title of this post got your attention. Who in their right mind would cook with fluoride? Actually many of you are, and are not even aware of it.

As most of you already know, fluoride is a neurotoxin (destroys nerve cells) and it is found almost everywhere. Even in places that you would never expect. Some places are obvious; like toothpaste, municipal water supplies (and all the foods made from them), some medications, and of course, many restoratives (fillings and cements) used in the dental office. When one speaks about having too much of a good thing to the point of detriment, fluoride may be at the top of the list.

Non-stick Cookware

For those unaware, fluoride is also the main chemical in making those non-stick pans that many of us may have in the house. They are made using a carcinogenic chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which emits toxic fumes (that you inhale) every time you cook with them. At high temperatures, the coating of non-stick cookware will also break down into a chemical warfare agent known as PFIB, and a chemical analog of the WWII nerve gas phosgene.

PFOA has been implicated in increased instances of cancer in the pancreas, liver, testicles, and mammary glands, as well as miscarriages, thyroid problems and weakened immune systems.

The beauty of theses pans is you can do fat-free cooking. The Teflon coating magically does the job. Easy to cook with and easy to clean up. No grease necessary and perfect for low fat diets. But most of us now know that eating healthy fat is really critical for excellent health so the days of low fat diets should be over. Non-stick pans should be a thing of the past.

If you use your non-stick pots and pans on a daily basis, they are likely to scratch and break at some point, increasing the release of the poison into your food as well as the air in your home. It only takes 5 minutes for non-stick cookware to reach over 700 degrees (toxic gases release at 500 degrees) and emit at least six toxic gases, which include two carcinogens and two global pollutants. This non-stick coating has been added to other household and personal care products besides non-stick cookware. These include:

  • Clothing (Gore-Tex jackets and other apparel)

  • Nail polish removers

  • Eyeglasses

  • Products designed to repel soil, grease and water, such as carpet and furniture treatments

  • Pizza boxes, microwave popcorn, and other non-stick food wraps

  • Protective sprays for leather, shoes, and clothing

  • Paint

  • Cleaning products

And as you already know, it is very difficult to detox from fluoride, so the best thing is to avoid it.

Personally in my home, we use glass (pyrex), ceramic (corningware), and stainless steel cookware. I hear that titanium is another good choice, although considerably more expensive.

Springtime is the perfect time to clean out your home. Start with removing toxic cookware.

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