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An Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Mar 17

Earthquake on Tuesday. Hurricane on Saturday. This week isn’t over yet. What’s next?

While some of us may be thinking tsunami, especially due to the recent events in Japan, my head doesn’t go there. I’m thinking personal "me time" to take a break and recuperate. Sometimes the Universe and Mother Nature give us obvious messages that most of us totally miss: Slow down and reevaluate your priorities in life.

Many of us have been going a million miles an hour, running from here to there and everywhere; for work, the kids, your spouse, your parents, your friends. Whatever happened to “me time”. You know, the time when you sit, breathe, rest, breathe again, rest some more and actually contemplate the meaning of life, particularly yours.

A wise craniosacral therapist I visited many years ago told me, “We are human beings, not human doings. So just be”.

Easier said than done. But this weekend is the perfect time to "just be". While many of us may be glued to the television waiting anxiously for updates about the hurricane, realize that you may be getting an overload of too much information. Almost to the point where you may be in an unconscious state of anxiety causing an overload of cortisol in your bloodstream. Definitely not a good place to be. No wonder you don’t sleep well and are exhausted most of the time.


I know it’s important to be updated, but how many hours can you hear the same story of doom and gloom. Let’s be intelligent. Have everything you need just in case this becomes a real emergency situation, and then just sit back and relax. Read a good book, watch an uplifting video, and perhaps meditate about all the good that you have in your life; your work, the kids, your spouse, your parents, your friends. And if this isn’t enough, how about your home, your health, and your ability to connect with others through the internet, even at a time like this.

An attitude of gratitude will bring you further in life than all the worrying in the world. Start now. And watch your life ascend to higher levels of health and peacefulness.

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