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Aluminum Toxicity

Updated: Mar 15

Aluminum toxicity is rampant.

Considering that many neurological diseases are on the rise, this is not a surprising statement. Aluminum is not a heavy metal like mercury or lead, but its effects can be just as devastating.

Aluminum can accumulate in the brain, causing seizures and reduced mental functions (Alzheimer’s for example). It is easily absorbed through the digestive tract, lungs and skin, and from there, is dispersed to all major organs and body parts.

These are the major sources of Aluminum Toxicity and good ways to avoid them:

1. Aluminum pots and pans. Use stainless steel, ceramic or titanium. Read Cooking with Fluoride?

2. Baking powder. Look for aluminum–free brands in the health food store. Or use baking soda.

3. Bleached white flour. Use whole grain flour. Avoid conventional cake mixes.

4. Conventional table salt. Use Himalayan or Celtic sea salt. Read The Miracle of Minerals

5. Antacids. Use digestive enzymes and aloe.

6. Antiperspirants and most deodorants. Make your own. See recipe below.

7. Buffered aspirin. There are other less toxic options for pain relief.

8. Aluminum cans for many drinks and foods.. Buy bottled.

9. Aluminum containers from Take-out restaurants. Transfer food immediately to non-toxic containers upon arriving home.

10. Aluminum foil. Use wax or parchment paper to wrap/heat foods.

11. Processed cheese, especially those used on cheeseburgers at fast food restaurants. Stay out of fast food restaurants for other reasons besides the cheese.

12. Shampoos, especially those for anti-dandruff. Use baking soda-water rinse followed by apple cider vinegar-water rinse.

13. Some toothpastes. Look for holistic options in the health food store. Read the ingredient list before buying. Read Toothpaste: Poison or Panacea

As an avid seeker of non-toxic substitutes for everyday products, here is one solution that I have used for years to replace toxic antiperspirants.

Nontoxic Homemade Deodorant

• 6 Tablespoons coconut oil

• 1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) baking soda

• 1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) arrowroot

• Essential oil (optional)

1. Mix baking soda and arrowroot together in a medium sized bowl.

2. Mash in coconut oil with a fork until well mixed.

3. Add essential oil if desired. Use something mellow like a flower essence, rose or lavender.

4. Store in small glass jar for easy use.

Considering that this recipe takes less than 5 minutes to complete, there is no reason to be using the highly overpriced, chemical laden version that the store sells. The most difficult part of the recipe is finding a glass jar to store it in!

As I have written in my book, My Secrets to Regaining Health, solutions are everywhere. They just don’t always come easily presented by the usual standard media. We may need to do a little personal research to find them. And with all the information on the internet, there are no excuses.

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