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The Fallout from The Shot

Hi all!

The time is right and we are back. Our blog has been silent for over two years and now is the time to speak.

There are certain things concerning dentistry that I have observed during this time that deserve mentioning:

1. Postings about mercury and fluoride are no longer being censored on social networks.

2. Postings about “the shot” or politics are constantly being removed or censored.

3. Everyone is concerned about long-term effects of the C jab or the actual illness.

4. People are losing their jobs/income/dental insurance and not coming in for routine dental care.

5. Dental health has deteriorated. Either due to prolonged mask wearing, poor dental home care (people are emotionally depressed due to world events and less focused on cleaning their teeth).

This list is concerning since your dental health is a reflection of your entire body health. If the teeth and gums go downhill, it is just a matter of time before your systemic health will follow.

For those who have not yet returned to our office since 2020, let me assure you that we are alive and well. Our staff is smaller but we know exactly what we are doing and still get the job done. Personalized care is still our highest priority.

The only thing that has changed is You. Many of you have had to deal with the shot, the illness, or the aftereffects of having either. Some have had to figure out how to keep their job with the endless jab demands required. Others have had to deal with the loss of friends and family from this entire situation.

So whether you got the shot or not, we hold no judgment. Your entire health is important to us. As a Naturopath, acupuncturist, nutritionist as well as a dentist, I can help you keep your teeth and health as long as possible.

The time for “waiting until the world gets better” is over. Your dental and body health need attention now. Call for an appointment (212 947-0073) and we will be happy to help you as best we can.

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