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Ozone Dental Therapy for Gum Disease

Updated: Mar 17

The word “ozone” may make you think of a hole in the earth’s atmosphere due to pollution, or remind you of the unique scent in the air after a lightning storm.

In reality, ozone is a vital, healthy element. It shields us from ultraviolet rays of the sun, and it has many helpful applications in daily life. I use ozone water as a rinse to remove bugs and residual pesticides from my fresh produce. Many cities use ozone to keep public water supplies safe and germ-free. It is also a component of air purification systems, and is used to clean spas and swimming pools.

The same properties that make ozone useful in those situations make it an ideal treatment for gum disease. It is such a good destroyer of pathogens and rebuilder of health, that we can even use it in dentistry, with little to no side effects.

The medical community accepts ozone

Physicians have long embraced ozone to heal wounds faster, fight infection, and treat various diseases. Ozone is proven to render anaerobic (thriving with no oxygen) bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa inactive. As these organisms are eliminated from the body, healthy cells replace them. Ozone therapy boosts the body’s metabolism of oxygen, causing an increase in red blood cell production.

Dental ozone therapy and gum disease

Gum disease occurs when harmful anaerobic bacteria overpopulate the mouth. They burrow deep into the gums away from oxygen. The acids excreted by bacteria irritate gum tissues, causing inflammation and infection. Gums pull away or recede from teeth, forming pockets that trap food debris and allow anaerobic bacteria to infiltrate deeper. Eventually, you lose teeth and bone as these bacteria eat into the supporting tissues. Ozone therapy is a healthy alternative to traditional, invasive periodontal treatments.

If you are looking for a simple holistic alternative to conventional painful invasive periodontal surgery, ozone may be your answer.

Advantages of ozone treatment for gum disease:

  • Not invasive

  • Relatively painless

  • Stimulates new connective tissue regrowth via stem cell stimulation

At our office, we use ozone treatments, along with laser treatments and nutritional support to heal and reverse your gum disease. Considering that studies have shown that each tooth lost will cut 5 years of your lifespan, it is important to save and restore as many of your natural teeth as possible.

Be sure to speak with your dentist before agreeing to conventional painful surgeries for periodontal disease. Ozone treatment for gum disease may be a better choice.

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