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Mercury-Free vs. Mercury-Safe

Updated: Mar 17

Recently at a dental meeting, I met many colleagues who promote their practice as mercury-free. As such, they believe that they are also mercury-safe since they no longer place amalgams within their practice. Although this sounds good in theory, the reality is significantly different. These mercury-free dentists have no safety protocol in place, and as a result, are exposing their patients, their employees and themselves to a heavy load of mercury aerosol each time old amalgam fillings are drilled out.

When looking for a dentist to replace your silver mercury fillings, it is important to look for a dental office that is mercury-safe, not mercury-free.

Statistically speaking, as of 2008, over 50% of practicing dentists no longer use silver (mercury) amalgam fillings, and as a marketing tool, many may be promoting their practice as mercury-free. A mercury–free dentist is one who no longer places silver mercury fillings. A mercury-safe dentist is one who follows a safety protocol to protect everyone in the office, including you!

Mercury-Safe Dentistry

Even though patients may get a non-mercury filling at a mercury- free dentist’s office, this does not mean that the patient and the office personnel are being protected in a mercury-safe manner.

So be sure to ask the right questions when looking for a holistic dentist to replace your amalgams. Additionally, do not assume that all holistic dentists are mercury-safe or for that matter, even holistic. I found this out by personal experience. You can read about it here.

Lesson learned: Always ask questions before choosing a health practitioner.

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