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Health and Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz

Updated: Mar 17

Health, happiness, Dr. Oz. Three ingredients that create a sure recipe for success.

The Health and Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz at Radio City Music Hall this weekend was definitely a success. With an enthusiastic audience of 6000, and a cast of health experts with amazing credentials, how can you go wrong? Even William Shatner showed up for a few minutes of entertainment. So hard to believe he’s over 80 years old and still appears so much younger.

There were many pearls of health, but for blog purposes, the focus will be on the two most nefarious toxins in the dental field. Mercury and fluoride.

A Jerome meter (checks for mercury vapor) was brought on stage and it showed no mercury from a dental silver filling set in teeth. The teeth were brushed. The Jerome meter went soaring. The crowd went wild.

The Jerome Meter Testing For Mercury

As for me, I was sitting there giggling. This was unbelievable. Sure this test is all over YouTube, and I have seen it before in person at holistic dental meetings, but here it is in a mainstream alternative Dr. Oz presentation. (I would love to see that put on national prime time TV.) This was an amazing progressive step for holistic dentistry. Actually, I felt like running up on the stage and hugging Dr. Wentz (the presenter), who is I might add, NOT A DENTIST! Woohoo!

And to make matters more interesting, he then purposefully broke a CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb. These are those new energy-efficient alternatives to conventional light bulbs. CFL bulbs will use around 75% less electricity than an incandescent bulb with the same light output, while lasting about 10 times longer. But did you know that it is filled with mercury? And if you break one, you need to dispose of it like hazardous waste.

Well, Dr. Wentz broke one, and the Jerome meter registered about a hundred times higher than the filling reading had. Now the audience was really on edge.

Then he moved onto fluoride- that familiar additive found in toothpaste and tap water. Besides displacing iodine and messing up your thyroid, he also pointed out that fluoride pulls calcium and magnesium out of your bones and thereby gives you weak bones. Something to think about if you have osteoporosis. (As a side note it will also inactivate your pineal gland, which will affect your melatonin and sleep patterns).

Toothpaste Label for Fluoride

Also of interest was the fluoride being released from non-stick pans when they are heated. (That means every time you use them!) I never really knew that but I guess it makes sense since they are fluorocarbon (fluorine- carbon) based. And if they’re scratched or nicked, the chemicals from the non-stick pans are going in your food, even without heating it.

All in all, a phenomenal summit with inspirational stories and science to make it real. Dr. Oz made each of us promise to call 3 friends when we got home and tell them three things we learned to better their health.

I guess this blog will do the job. Now, it’s your turn. Tell 3 friends what you just learned and keep this informational health chain alive. Pay it forward.

Thank you.

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