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Earthing 2

Updated: Mar 17

This is a follow up to my last blog on Earthing. There are a few other aspects of Earthing that you should be aware of.

Earth has a background base frequency or Schumann Resonance. This refers to how quickly the Earth is vibrating, not to its speed of rotation. This number has risen dramatically in the last twenty years.

The Schumann Resonance can vary in different geographical regions, but the overall measurement had been about 7.8 cycles per second (hertz) for many decades. This measurement was once thought to be a constant; global military communication was developed on this frequency.

However, recent reports set the present rate at over 11 hertz, and still climbing. Science does not have a clear answer as to why this is happening, and it is believed that the escalating Schumann Resonance may be a factor in the many recent intense Earth shifts. The rate of earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, and extreme weather is definitely on the rise and may be a consequence to the Earth’s rising vibration.

So how does this affect our health?

If a planet’s frequency is rising, then the frequency of the inhabitants of that planet must also rise. We cannot live at ease or healthily on a planet that we do not resonate with.

Residing in boxes (houses, apartment buildings), driving in boxes (cars, buses) and working in boxes (office buildings) have literally kept us disconnected from earth. Even when we do go out in nature, most of the time we are wearing rubber soled shoes that further insulate us from earth.

I think this simple line of reasoning illustrates how important it is to connect to the Earth as much as possible. If not, you will find yourself physically, mentally and emotionally ailing.

If you make any resolutions for the New Year, let it be to reclaim your vigor. Connect daily to Earth and see how your health and life shifts.

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More information on Earthing can be found in Dr. Brand's book Enlightened Indigo Child available at Amazon and other fine bookstores.

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